When you are a small business which happens to be just a few days shy of being a week old and a Freediving Celebrity pops by, you just get excited.  

July 11 was a slow night for us. We were testing the newly tweaked Prosciutto Pizza when Marese and her son Amiel came through after a workout session.  We were just happy to serve her good pizza. It’s funny she was wearing such an iconic shirt. We swear this was not staged. We are just glad she found us.

Pizza Doce with Marese Secades and Son Amiel

"Don't look for love, look for pizza" - Her shirt says

What a fine lady. – very down to earth, and very accommodating with our annoying questions about the industry she operates in. Our Bread Funatics team comes from the world of scuba diving and we have so much respect for freedivers so we are just in awe.  

Still feeling the butterflies when she posted this in her social media: 



Freediving Instructor Trainer / National Record holder

Marese is a 9x national record holder in the Freediving world setting records since 2018.