Pizza Doce is finally baking pizza for everyone!

We finally opened the pizzeria at the 2nd Floor of our Bread Funatics Bakery & Cafe. To all of us, this was a sigh of relief. We all struggled to get this new place up and running from a bare 2 unit- 2 storey structure to what we have now.

Our journey started after the holy week of this year after a breakdown in negotiation to renew and expand the contract in Bonifacio Place. It would have been easier, no moving of heavy equipments, essential stuff, and other things that surprisingly turned out to be a lot of.

There woud have been no operational planning, no scheduling, no project management involved, no extensive CapEx involved. But, we are glad we moved to Red Coco. The place is perfect for us!

If you happen to be in the area, feel free to come by, enjoy our pizza, our consistently flavorful breads that Cebuanos come to love, and our company.

We are now in Red Coco, right under that huge red/white billboard sign with a highly visible photo of a Pizza. You won’t miss us.